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5 Rainy Day Activities with Your Baby

By Jak Burke,

On rainy days we can feel trapped like a caged animal but a rainy day can be an opportunity to have some indoor fun.

Baby explore!

Dig out safe cooking utensils and other stuff your baby-proofing keeps out of your infant’s reach. Good things to bring out are: wooden smooth edged wooden spoons, wooden bowls, steel pots, lids and pans. Let your baby experiment with these new objects, make noise and move them around. Fill an old OJ bottle with dry rice and make a shaker. Let baby make a drum out of a steel pot. Sanitize that old discarded remote control, (after removing/disposing of the batteries) and let your little one press imaginary buttons. Under your monitoring allow baby to explore new everyday objects and areas of the apartment. The kinds of objects and spaces you don’t have time ordinarily to put within his or her reach.


Build a cushion gym

Yes … pull off all the sofa cushions and map out a small obstacle course for your baby (with you close by) to crawl and climb over. Rearrange and set new challenges.


Run a warm bath and have some water fun

Dress your baby in an insulated swimsuit and keep an eye on the bath temperature so baby stays warm. Then introduce and rotate toys and objects that float or sink. Use this water-time to help your baby luxuriate in her senses of touch, sound and sight. As is obvious never leave your baby alone in a bath, even if your baby is in a safety bath-chair.


Go visit a neighbor, the doorman or do your laundry

Take your baby on an in-door journey. Babies are naturally curious creatures and they enjoy interacting with new environments and people.


Host an impromptu group coffee morning/afternoon

If you know the weather is going to get nasty push back the sofa, pull out the coffee cups, order pizza and dump some mats or crawl rugs on the floor and invite some local parents over for a play-date with their babies. Ask them each to bring a toy from home them toss them over the floor and watch your infants crawl after new things. The time will fly as you catch up and beat cabin fever.

What do you do on nasty weather days in NYC with your baby? Tell us about it.

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