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The Snug Bug Changing Pad

By Jak Burke,

Like that light yoga mat or the foldable crib – some things are just better, well, lighter. The Snug Bug peeps already have an incredible collection of decorative infant accessories and they literally “Put the perfect print on your registry for a couture layette.” But it’s their diaper pads that are currently stealing the show … In fact their portable diaper changing pads are in the top five best selling mats in the US and with their new quilted waterproof pads in black & white houndstooth and grey chevron prints, at just $19 a pop … and we’re thinking that they might just become the leader.


Why buy?


An essential for smart moms and dads to change diapers anywhere. A waterproof, quilted diaper mat that rolls up small and snaps closed to tuck into your diaper bag. As beautiful as it is practical, it’s a great addition to any baby shower gift and a must for your registry.


  • PERFECT SIZE – Lays out to 17″ x 25″, to grow with your baby and toddler beyond diapers. Rolls up to a compact 8″ x 3″ to lighten mom’s load.


  • WATERPROOF BOTH SIDES – We use a special waterproof fabric so this mat does not soak up accidents or stain. Many moms have been using their mats every day for years and they still look brand new. NO Vinyl, PVC, BPA, Latex, Lead or Phlalates. Approved CPSIA safe for babies and kids.


  • QUILTED PADDING – This mat is lightly padded with a waterproof quilted poly for a cushiony feel without the bulk.


  • EASY TO CLEAN – The printed laminated side is easy to wipe clean so your mat is always ready. Can be machine washed on cool and air dried. Please do not iron or use excessive heat as it will affect the waterproof coating.


  • SANITARY – Our changing pad is approved for childcare facilities because it can be disinfected between changes. On the go, if you’ve been somewhere yucky, just wipe over the back with a disinfecting wipe. The back folds to the inside, so it doesn’t touch anything else in your bag!


How it came about:

The Snug Bug’s Heather made this mat after an embarrassing shopping trip. “When my son needed to be changed, I went into the restroom to use the changing station. I dutifully pulled out my bulky changing pad that was a shower gift. Then the unthinkable–yet inevitable–happened…a ‘poosplosion’ all over the thick white minky lining and urine soaked through the pad. I tried to clean it as best I could but the only option was to roll it up and wash it when I got home. For the rest of the day I smelled like poop and even the saleslady at Nordstom could smell it too!! I was mortified! Finally, I went outside and threw it in the trash, vowing that when I came home I would come up with something better!” Now with her waterproof changing mat, accidents are no problem, just a wipe or a quick rinse under the faucet is all it takes. It’s simple and it works, perfect for the job. Heather has now happily traded up to a smaller, more stylish diaper bag.


Even more …

Couture is the right word to use for this brand, their designs are simply sumptuous, with the Versailles clearly reminiscent of the French baroque period.


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