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Seventh Generation Launches New “Green” Baby Line: Coconut Care

By Jak Burke,

Lynne and I were invited to a fabulous event hosted by Seventh Generation to showcase their new coconut-based baby care line called Coconut Care and their partnership with the Rainforest Alliance.




It was a gorgeous day and the spacious Flatiron venue was filled with sunshine and tasteful fixtures like country-style crates filled with lavender. Thanks to Allison Partners PR firm. On shelves and in our goody bags were diapers, baby wipes, rash cream, moisturizing lotion and shampoo/wash. I was eager to go home straight away and test them.



The diapers are fragrance free and are manufactured without chlorine. That makes them gentle on sensitive skin and  allergen-free. They fit snug and are tastefully decorated with cute cartoon animals. They are also price competitive. We give them 10/10.



The wipes offer a chemical-free clean and no fragrance. They function well. We give them 9/10.



This foaming soap is very lightly scented but you do need to use a lot of it to feel like your baby is being cleaned. You also might want to source an organic conditioner for a toddler’s hair after using the wash. We give this 8/10


Diaper rash cream

We liked the consistency of this cream. It performs like regular cream without any harsh or chemical ingredients. We give this 10/10.


Baby lotion

We were looking forward to testing this lotion the most. It smelled good enough to eat and it does not have any parabens or mineral oils or phthalates which is amazing. We did find it a bit sticky when first applied and we found that if you let your baby’s skin air-dry before dressing then the lotion gets fully absorbed and leaves the skin smooth to the touch. We give this 8/10.


What’s the story?

Seventh Generation isn’t new to the sustainable baby care scene. In many ways it’s a pioneer brand that has led the movement among bigger brands toward a gentler, chemical-free baby care experience. So where this new line strikes out is in its use of sustainable coconut oil and its partnership with the Rainforest Alliance, Senior Brand Manager for Seventh Generation, Joe Giallanella told me.

A father himself Joe related how he had never noticed before how regular diapers smell when you first open the packaging. He was of course referring to the odor of chlorine and artificial fragrances. But once it was pointed out to him Joe was on a mission to source diapers that were as Earth friendly and chemical-free as possible. His journey has paid off for the hundreds of thousands of parents who buy Seventh Generation products.


Made in the USA

It’s good to mention here too that Seventh Generation does not test on animals and it manufactures in the USA providing real jobs for American workers.



I got to speak to Susan Heaney Director of Marketing at Rainforest Alliance and her involvement with the Coconut Care line. Her organization is dedicated to preserving the last remaining rainforests and the delicate ecosystems our planet depends upon to sustain life – all life. Susan spoke candidly about the urgency of choosing brands that not only offer our children a chemical-free start but also a planet to grow old on. I was struck by her comments.

She told me that brands like Seventh Generation are dedicated to working with Mother Nature in bringing safe baby care products to your growing infant. They have worked tirelessly to source sustainable wood and other natural ingredients and to use minimal processing.




The cartoon animals featured on the Coconut Care line actually live in the rainforests that Seventh Generation sources wood from. This collaboration between Rainforest Alliance and Seventh Generation ensures that the animal’s habitats remain intact.

And for that reason alone we give Seventh Generation 10/10. Check out Seventh Generation’s new Coconut Care product line here.


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