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Can I Travel with a Newborn?

Air travel has become a standard form of travel. With many of us traveling for work as well as pleasure, it’s only natural to wonder how soon we can board a plane with a new bundle of joy. How can we know if our new baby is old enough to fly with us? Read on.

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Your NYC Neighbor Nelson Nigel founder of Kidmoto

Your NYC Neighbor – is a way of introducing New Yorkers to a rich community of savvy parents. New York is a diverse City bustling with all kinds of families and personalities. We also love to grab tips and recommendations from moms and dads in certain neighborhoods and throughout the …

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Your Baby’s First Rug

Guest Post by Carly Evans, Land of Rugs Babies and toddlers love crawling and rolling about on rugs, but not all rugs are equal.There is a lot of choice on the market, but here are some tips:  Choose a hard wearing rugKeep in mind the practicalities, such as keeping it …

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Toddler Safety Guide: 4 Keys

Guest Post by Anne Harris Parenting is often a dance between immense joy and extreme concern. Most parents’ get that caring for their children never truly ends, but there are some trickier periods to navigate before junior trots off into the big wide world. One of them is when our …

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Money and Children: Teaching by Age Groups

By Paula C. Brancato, Barnum Financial Group According to the Council for Economic Education (CEE), which promotes economic and financial education in the classroom, students who have taken a class in personal finance are more likely to engage in financially responsible behaviors such as saving, budgeting and investing.1 Parents can …

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Do I Need a Car Seat in a NYC Cab?

By Jak Burke, Whether you are a new parent in New York City or visiting as a tourist you will quickly need to figure out how to get around. For many new parents the subway just doesn’t feel safe because of heightened security alerts or the prospect of exposing a …

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