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Baby Does … NYC is committed to the advancement of all of New York City’s infants and children. As a part of our mission statement we aim to donate a % of our time, professional assistance, talent or net profit to the following organizations:


Stockings with Care is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to making sure that families in need can create the magic of Christmas morning for their kids. Last year, Stockings with Care played Santa to over 1,500 kids. For us, it’s about opening hearts, inspiring dreams and preserving the dignity of parents and their families. http://www.stockingswithcare.org


Room to Grow’s innovative program provides parents raising babies in poverty with one-on-one parenting support and essential baby items throughout their children’s critical first three years of life. http://www.roomtogrow.org



The purpose of Sabree Educational Services is to work with caregivers and families of infants and toddlers we will teach them how to give their infants/toddlers the social, emotional and cognitive school readiness skills. Also care givers will understand the importance of quality infant/toddler care in underserved communities. Philosophy: We believe that children who are equipped with social and emotional school readiness skills when they go to kindergarten will become successful learners and will make positive contributions to their communities. http://www.sabreeeducationservices.com


Disclaimer: The positioning of these organizations on the Baby Does … NYC website, owned by JAK BURKE INDUSTRIES LLC, does not offer an endorsement of the services, products or organizational legitimacy of each organization. We are not directly affiliated with these organizations.

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