If you just found out that you’re pregnant – congratulations. Aside from the exhilaration you’re now experiencing you also know that the next 9-months will demand a lot from you. The decisions you make now will affect your family for years to come. You will think about pregnancy health, prenatal classes, maternity wear at the same time as you purchase the items that your new baby will need: stroller, car seat, bouncer, high-chair and so on. You will also think about your birth choices and how you want to experience childbirth. With a new baby on the way you will review your financial policies with the view to updating or adding things like a family life insurance plan and a college fund. If you intend to go back to work after your baby’s birth you will want to explore your child care options.

Life’s greatest milestones do not come in neat manageable bullet-points – they come all at once, in a cluster.

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We are an information hub for expectant and new parents with infants aged 0-24 months. We bring you pertinent guides and articles from local experts – your neighbors, in New York City. We also offer Giveaways and resources like a budget-based or themed Baby Registry, or where to source good quality, USA-made Baby Goods, and we host a local directory of services and products aimed at babies and toddlers called Babes List. Looking for a class? Check out our calendar under Baby/Toddler Events.

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Even though New York is a huge city it can still feel lonely exploring parenthood for the first time. Which is why we are launching an app that connects new parents to one another and to the resources that they need. If you would like to join this community please email us here: If you would like to receive our articles as they are published please subscribe to our email list on our home page. If you are a New York parent with a product or service aimed at parents please email us at and get featured!

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